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asbestos banning seems to be aborted

Post Date : 27/04/2015

The asbestos banning policy of MOI could not be survived. "Jakkramon" insisted it had to be studied cautiously and it would not be proposed to the cabinet because it might conflict with trade agreement on asbestos importing from Russia while other international countries still use them. In addition the health impacted still unclear. Department of Industrial Works supported that the immediately banning would affect consumers. they had to change their roof tiles.

Jakkramon, MOI minister revealed to the publication that according to the cabinet resolution in 2011 on Thai society free from asbestos with five year framework for the ban. MOI has been hearing to all concerned parties but there are no clear information that asbestos cause any health impact. In addition the cabinet resolution in Jan 4, 2012 had assigned MOC to set up a sub-committee on Thai-Russian Trade and Economic Cooperation to examine the health impact from chrysotile usage and to suggest on the safe use. The cooperation aimed to solve trades problems and obstacles, support investments, increase bilateral trades facilities. The banning would cause conflict with trade agreement on asbestos importing from Russia, so both countries would have joint solution on the issue.

Mr. Sakda Pankla, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Industrial Work gave information in the same direction with MOI minister that the asbestos banning plan had been stopped. It will be re-studied in every dimension because it associated with several parties including producers, users, WTO, the disposal of hazardous waste. In addition DOI would study on basalt fibers whether it can be replaced asbestos in roof tiles production or not, its commercial value, any impact to health or environment or not. He said the study, a part of cabinet assignment to review the asbestos banning and to find of any substitutes before having decision on the ban.